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Guitar Lessons for Adults: Small group classes so you can learn how to play songs for fun.

Looking to Play Songs Around The Campfire?

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Welcome to your guitar journey!

Are you a busy adult with a passion for music?

If you're seeking a break from the daily grind, you've found the perfect place. At Gold Coast School of Guitar, I specialise in creating a vibrant community for adults to learn and enjoy playing the guitar.

My small group classes are designed to make music education accessible and fun. Elevate your musical journey with dynamic group guitar classes for adults in Carrara and the surrounding Gold Coast area.

Discover a unique and immersive experience in learning, connecting, and playing, guided by my expertise and passion for fostering your musical potential.

Unleash the joy of music with personalized guidance tailored just for you at Gold Coast School of Guitar.

Guitar class in Carrara - Gold Coast School of Guitar

Why an in-person, group guitar environment, is more efficient (and fun) than traditional 1-1 lessons for learning guitar as an adult:

  • Motivation and Accountability: Group classes provide a built-in support system. The camaraderie among classmates can serve as a motivational force. Knowing that others are on the same learning journey can inspire commitment and regular attendance, fostering a sense of accountability.

  • Shared Learning Experience: Adults in a group setting often find comfort in sharing their learning experiences. It's a chance to discuss challenges, celebrate successes, and exchange tips. This collaborative atmosphere can make the learning process more enjoyable and less intimidating.

  • Social Interaction and Networking: Learning guitar in a group setting offers the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals with similar interests. This can lead to new friendships and potential musical collaborations outside of the class, enriching your overall social life.

  • Economical and Accessible: Group classes are often more cost-effective than one-to-one lessons. This makes learning the guitar financially accessible for a wider range of adults, encouraging more people to pursue their musical aspirations.

  • Fun and Enjoyable Atmosphere: Group classes tend to be lively and enjoyable. The shared laughter, encouragement, and mutual support create a positive environment that makes learning to play the guitar a fun and fulfilling experience.

Adult man playing guitar in park Gold Coast

Why Choose Gold Coast School of Guitar?

Small group guitar class - Gold Coast School of Gitar

Fun, Supportive, Small Group Classes

Join a small, close-knit 'Strum Squad' group of guitar enthusiasts just like you. It's like having a personalised learning experience while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow music lovers. Conveniently located in Carrara with a flexible schedule - choose the time that works for you!

Guitar songbook offered to students for learning at Gold Coast School of Guitar

CPR™ System for Stress-Free Learning

Discover the simplicity of my CPR™ system - a 3-Step Song Learning Process that breaks songs down into bite-sized, stress-free lessons. Even if you have just 5 minutes a day to practice, you'll see results and play your favourite songs confidently.

Playing songs on a guitar around the campfire on the Gold Coast

Quick Progress and Boosted Confidence

The approach here is focused on getting you results - fast! I'm here to help you go from a beginner to a confident player. Whether you want to play at home, parties, in the park, or while traveling, I'm with you every step of the way.

Experienced guitar teacher at Gold Coast School of Guitar, passionate about music education

Patient and Passionate Instructor

As your instructor I'm more than just an expert; I'm a fellow music enthusiast who is excited to share my knowledge with you. I am dedicated to helping you achieve your musical goals while making every lesson a delightful experience.

Beginner Guitar workshops for adults - Gold Coast School of Guitar

Beginner Guitar Workshops

Kickstart your musical journey with our Beginner Guitar Workshops. Join a supportive environment for learning the basics, ensuring you build a strong foundation. Explore the joy of playing the guitar in a fun and encouraging atmosphere.

Adult guitar ensemble sessions- Gold Coast School of Guitar

Guitar Ensemble Sessions

Immerse yourself in the collaborative world of music with our Guitar Ensemble Sessions. Join fellow enthusiasts to harmonise and create great songs together. Perfect for enhancing your playing skills and enjoying the power of musical camaraderie. Come and be part of this unique musical experience.

Acoustic guitar technique classes - Gold Coast School of Guitar

Acoustic Guitar Techniques

Master the art of acoustic guitar playing with our specialised Acoustic Guitar Techniques classes. From basic fingerpicking to advanced strumming techniques, explore the nuances of acoustic guitar and enhance your playing repertoire. Enrol now to become a versatile acoustic guitarist.

Students havng fun in a group jamming session in Carrara QLD

Group Jamming Sessions

Join our Group Jamming Sessions for a dynamic musical experience. Collaborate with fellow musicians, experiment with different genres, and develop your improvisation skills. Whether you're a seasoned player or a beginner, these sessions offer a platform to jam, connect, and enjoy the magic of music together.

Fingerstyle guitar lessons for adults  Gold Coast School of Guitar

Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons

Dive into the intricate world of fingerstyle guitar playing with these specialised lessons. From fingerpicking patterns to melodic arrangements, be guided through the art of fingerstyle. Develop precision, control, and musical expression. Master the captivating techniques of fingerstyle guitar.

Students sharing their love of music at open-mc sessions - Gold Coast School of guitar

Social Guitar Events

Join our Social Guitar Events for a unique blend of music, camaraderie, and fun. From open mic nights to musical gatherings, these events provide a platform to showcase your talent, connect with fellow guitar enthusiasts, and enjoy the social side of music. Enroll now to be part of our vibrant musical community.

Make music, make memories, make it fun.

Whether you're strumming to uplift a party, busting out a sing-along around the campfire, or serenading loved ones, these adult beginner guitar lessons at Gold Coast School of Guitar, empowers you to do it all.

The welcoming atmosphere and expert guidance ensure that your guitar journey is filled with the same joy and warmth as the songs you'll soon be playing.

Friends enjoying a musical jam session during a camping trip - Gold Coast School of Guitar

Check out this 'Strum Squad' class performing a Beatles campfire classic!

Free intro session! You're musical journey starts here:

Ready to take the first step? Schedule a free, 2 hour intro session, and experience our stress-free approach in a small group setting. It's your opportunity to see how we can make music a joyful part of your life.

Ready to make music a part of your life? Your guitar journey starts now!

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"The sessions are easy as they are straight forward, step by step instructions... ""

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Lisa Seredycz

"It's very easy. Very achievable.. even my husband could do this (and he doesn't even play!)"

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Geoff Morgan

"A really easy way to learn new songs!"

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